Deborah Rosati FCPA, FCA, ICD.D – Founder and CEO of Women Get On Board

For this edition of FinanciElle “$tatements”, I had the opportunity to interview Deborah Rosati FCPA, FCA, ICD.D, Corporate Director, Entrepreneur and Speaker.

Deborah is the Founder and CEO of Women Get On Board, a leading member-based company that connects, promotes, and empowers women to corporate boards. They do this through an engaged community of women and men in Canada committed to advancing gender diversity in the boardroom.

Paolina: You recently did a blog post on Financial Intelligence in the boardroom why do you think it’s so important for women to build their financial intelligence – how do you think it can help them get on boards, make the most of being on a board, and running their own businesses?


Women must build their financial intelligence-personally, professionally, and in the boardroom if they aspire to be leading and serving as corporate directors.

As women, we are the first to say we do not have a particular skill or have expertise if we do not have 100% competence. But gaining financial intelligence is power and will enable you to be confident and capable as a board director. Take steps to empower yourself through continuous learning. You become a Master after 10,000 hours-Concept of Mastery.

As a woman entrepreneur, you need to understand your business and how you are profitable. So having financial knowledge enables you to make strategic business decisions to grow your business.

Paolina: As an FCPA and FCA, you have a well-developed financial background, what has been your biggest challenge in terms of money and building Women Get on Board?


My biggest challenge in building Women Get On Board is balancing being “ in the business” (operations of the business) versus being “on the business” (strategic vision). And in terms of money and investing in the growth of the company, it always comes down to resourcing. How much to invest for future growth while still ensuring you are supporting the day to day operations of the business. I love the challenge and the opportunity of building a business that supports my social purpose of getting more women on corporate boards-one board at a time!

Paolina: What are your current FinanciElle Faves?

  • Favourite business/leadership book? How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  • Favourite business/productivity tool? Audible-love listening to books through the audible app
  • Favourite piece of media – TED talk, podcast…? LinkedIn-there’s a lot of great content that keeps you current professionally

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