FinanciElle Mission:

Money talks with the voice we give it; so, my mission is to have female founders, funders, those who want to be, and those who support them to, read my L.I.P.S™:


Learn: about using money and finance as a tool, your economy, building a business, and new business/system/economic models, through:

  • FinanciElle $tatements – Interviews with female founders, funders, and support programs about money
  • FinanciElle Bookshelf – Book summaries, reviews, and discussion guides
  • FinanciElle Faves –  Resource lists
  • FinanciElle Out on the Town –  Lessons learned from conferences and events
  • FinanciElle Literacy – Information on financial, economic, and business concepts
  • FinanciElle Stewardship – Coming later this year

Invest: Talk about ways everyone can invest in women and girls and how women can invest in themselves and each other


  • Promote female founders, funders, female targeted funds, and support programs, and their projects
  • Promote entrepreneurship as a viable career option for women
  • Increase visibility and positive messaging about female founders

Support: Talk about how you can –  spend your money on women founders, donate to not-for-profits that support women and girls, volunteer for programs that support women and girls.

Why FinanciElle?

The Good:


The Bad:

Media messaging and systemic issues

As it currently stands, the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap reports that we will not see gender parity in our lifetime. At the rate we’re going in the U.S. it will take 208 years, and in Canada 164 years.

The Possible:

A new vision

Your Economy

Follow this link to learn more about Your Economy

Why Me?

My name is Paolina, I’m a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CGA) and Corporate Accountant with 10 + years of experience, most in the tech sector with experience from daily bookkeeping, to researching funding, to working cross-functionally to develop tools to maximize insight from financial and business data . I am passionate about using money as a tool to make the world a better place and financial literacy. I am passionate about storytelling and live by this quote by Brené Brown, “Maybe a story is just data with a soul” . I love to learn, read, research, write, curate, analyze, and create, and am incredibly filled with wonder and curiosity.

Growing up in a family surrounded by entrepreneurship, I saw first-hand how hard it was. When you become an entrepreneur you’re signing up for blood, sweat, and tears. I have a deep appreciation for the struggle and the process.

I truly believe having a strong financial foundation is key to having a strong business and that strong businesses can serve the communities they operate in.

For a long while I wanted to do a blog geared towards finance and women, my first iteration of FinanciElle was in 2007- 2010 (rest in peace) (I’d like to think I’ve stepped it up since then).

Community Supporter:

I try everyday to live the mission of this blog, through my community participation with the following:

Founders Fund
Ifund Women
Dress For Success
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CPA Financial Literacy

Let’s make money moves, together !

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