FinanciElle Faves – February Edition

Whether it's books, articles, newsletters, Instagram pages, videos..that are inspiring to me or other FinanciElle's I've interviewed, I want this to be your source of for all things - money and business. Every month I'll be pulling together a recommendation to read, listen, and watch. This month's: Read - The Big Whisper Newsletter. This newsletter … Continue reading FinanciElle Faves – February Edition

Caterina Rizzi – Founder, Hotline & Co-founder, Breather

When I listened to this episode of the Startup Canada Thrive Podcast, I new I had to Interview Caterina for an edition of FinanciElle "$tatements". Caterina is the Founder of Hotline, a peer-to-peer knowledge base for female entrepreneurs that provides answers and resources to help navigate entrepreneurship. Sign up now for early access! Caterina is … Continue reading Caterina Rizzi – Founder, Hotline & Co-founder, Breather