Sarah Beth Baca, Artist & Volunteer Coordinator at Attack Poverty

For this edition of FinanciElle $tatements, I had the opportunity to interview Sarah Beth Baca a Houston based painter who creates beautiful, vibrant, and thought provoking art. She is also a volunteer coordinator at Attack Poverty.

I came across Sarah Beth’s art when I was doing research for a project I’m working on for the blog and contacted her about using some of her artwork in it, after hanging out on her site for a bit and being immersed in her creations, I knew I wanted to interview her.

Paolina: What does financial stewardship mean to you?

Sarah Beth:

I believe that everything that we have is a gift from God, and we should be good stewards of all we’ve been given. We are blessed in order to be a blessing to others.

Paolina: Your studies in theology, gender equality, racial reconciliation, and community development have influenced the themes of your paintings. What are your thoughts on Stewardship in relation to your knowledge in these areas?

Sarah Beth:

When I acquire knowledge or new revelation about a topic, it changes how I see the world.

When we know better, we do better. Once I realized the freedom and equality that we have in Christ, I wanted to share that freedom with others. 

In community development work, I talk with individuals living in poverty on a daily basis. So often we judge or assume how someone got to a place of poverty. However, when you take time to sit and listen to someone’s story, it changes everything. You hear their heart and understand what led them to their current place. The best way to get out of a bad place is to not do it alone. I have recognized the power of listening to and walking alongside one another. 

Paolina: Your book, “Full Image | Women of the Bible”, re-imagines the lives of women whose stories have been overlooked or misunderstood. Whose story is your favourite and why?

Sarah Beth:

My favorite story from my book is Sheerah. She is only mentioned briefly in 1Chronicles, but she is such an inspiration to me. She was a builder who was responsible for building 3 cities. Female builders were rare in ancient times. She was a revolutionary woman, building entire cities with her knowledge and experience.

I see myself as a builder in many ways, a builder of family, community, building up others, building a better future for the next generation. 

Paolina: What is your FinanciElle Fave – Podcast?

Sarah Beth: The Next Right Thing with Emily P Freeman

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