Supporting Black, Indigenous, Womxn of Colour Founders

During the month of May, I had the opportunity to attend some really insightful and inspiring events about money and a common theme was the need for more representation, this has only been further highlighted by the events of the past few weeks.

Inspired by L-Spark’s List of Canadian Female Founders and Funders and in an effort to further support Black, Indigenous, Womxn of Colour Founders (BIWOC), I’ve started a Shareable List of BIWOC Founders, Funders, Support Organizations, and Financial Educators.

This is a living list that will be continuously updated, what’s there now is just a start – even though I’m starting the list, it’s our list so the hope is that everyone adds to, shares, and uses the list when looking for products, services, and communities for themselves and their businesses.

The goal of this list is to create a database of BIWOC Founders, Funders, Support Organizations, and Financial Educators. I’ll need you’re help to do that.

To help add to the List and lend your support click this link.

Note: All the information in the list is publicly available information. No personal information or emails should be added to the list and please don’t use the list to spam people. This list is meant to be a resource for those who want to support BIWOC Founders and Funders, For Founders and Funders to find resources, and for everyone to find Financial Educators that are inclusive and representative.

“It doesn’t take a family fortune to direct dollars into the world with the power of your commitments and integrity. I have seen this transformative power of money in any amount. Each of us, as individuals, gives money this generative power when we make even the most routine choices with intention. We can consciously put money in the hands of projects, programs, companies, and vendors we respect and trust.” – Lynne Twist from The Soul of Money

“Investing doesn’t always mean writing a check. Sometimes it’s asking: how are we, as consumers, being thoughtful about the purchases we make, and the ways in which we move through the world. Recognize the power of your dollar and put it towards goods made in ways that align with your personal beliefs.” Lindsey Taylor Wood Founder of The Helm

In addition to this project, I’ll also be posting BIWOC specific resources and articles here.


How to Fund Black Women – The Helm (Resource list)

Buying Black, Rebooted – The New York Times (Article)

Questions to answer as a step toward building an entrepreneurial endeavor that actively helps people of color and all minorities – The Big Whisper (Tool)

Becoming and Finding Allies for Women of Colour – Ellevate (Tool)

Fund Black Women – IFund Women ( A way for anyone to fund Black Women Founders)

IFundWomen of Color – IFund Women – (Tool – A go-to Funding Resource for diverse, early-state entrepreneurs)

Creating a New Narrative: Empowering Indigenous Women Through Entrepreneurship (Report)

Lipstick to Learning: Canada’s Indigenous Women Using Business to End Violence – Globe and Mail (Article)

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