FinanciELLE Faves – May Edition


This month’s watch is all about TEDx Talks featuring FinanciElle’s I’ve Interviewed and one’s I’d like to:


Tracy GrayWhy It’s Time for Women To Be Sexist With Investment Capital TEDxOlympic Blvd Women

Cindy Gallop10 Habits to Change a Country

Janice McDonaldYou have Super Hero Powers. Use Them!

Olga MilerHow Your Money Can Change The World While You Sleep

Aysha Van De PaerHow To Start Investing: What Every Woman Needs to Know to Close the Gender Gap

Aisha AddoThe Accidental Entrepreneur

Gail WongUse Your Head When it Comes to Money

Chanele McFarlaneThe Art of the Purposeful Pivot

Vicki SaundersRadical Generosity

FinanciElle Recommendations from Ladies I’ve Interviewed/Other Ladies I’d like to Interview:

Lynn Twist (recommendation from Olga Miler) – Freedom From the Money Culture

Kate Raworth – A Healthy Economy Should be Designed to Thrive, Not Grow

Casey Brown (heard as part of Women in Tech World Mastermind) – Know Your Worth, and Then Ask for It


This is Uncomfortable Podcast – I learned about this podcast from the STATEMENT EventI attended a few weeks ago, and have since had it on my listen list. It’s about life and money and the daily intersections told through personal stories.


Jenna Kutcher Blog. Since I watched the Create & Cultivate Money Moves Summit and heard/saw Jenna Kutcher speak, she became a friend in my head, you know those people you see, read, hear or watch, and feel like they could be a friend in real life. I’ve been reading her blog, listening to her podcast ever since.

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