Happy Mother’s Day + My FinanciElle Role Model

This is a very special and personal post for me. Today in addition to being Mother’s Day is also World Lupus Day, which my mom’s been living with for thirty-five years so this is a two for one.

My mom, is the strongest, most optimistic/positive, persistent i.e. stubborn (a trait which I happily admit to inheriting) person I know and she’s my FinanciElle Role Model. When she first started she was a law clerk by day and by night she worked on the books for the family business , until working as the full fledged bookkeeper for most of my childhood (before Accounting Software and Excel !). Growing up she wanted to be an Accountant and she knew I would be one before I did (Lesson Learned – mother’s are almost always right lol, at least in my case). It’s from her that I learned the importance of saving for a rainy day, which inevitably always comes, and to talk about money and the importance of earning it and building a nest egg no matter what happens in your life, in addition to other hard stuff. There are many reasons I became an Accountant, one of which, upon reflection I think is because my mom wanted to be one, so I wanted to me one as much for her as for myself.

Whenever I doubt myself, she doesn’t, whether it’s pursuing my designation, taking a particular job, starting this blog, or trying something new, she questions and challenges me to think and confront things and think in ways I  might not have considered and then  steps aside for me to make my choices and learn from the path that unfolds.

This Mother’s Day and World Lupus Day! I just want to honour and thank her for helping me to become who I am.

Love you Mom!

World Lups Day

Lupus 2



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