FinanciElle Faves -March Edition but Really International Women’s Week/Day Edition

Sunday March 8th is International Women’s Day, this year’s theme is an Equal World is an Enabled World #IWD2020 #EachforEqual. The festivities start early in Ottawa with IWW, from March 2 – 9th in Canada’s Capital, Invest Ottawa will be hosting the 2nd Annual International Women’s Week with eight jam packed days of programming.


In honour of the festivities, this month’s FinanciElle Faves include things to read, listen to and watch that take a more macro and system view:


LissBeth Field Notes for Feminist Changemakers Newsletter – As a subscriber to this newsletter, I can tell you that there is no shortage of informative content – whether talking about “Gaslighting: The Silent Killer of Women’s Startups”, evaluating programs specifically for women like “Where are the Women in Canada’s Women in Tech Venture Fund?” and “Progress or Pinkwashing: Who Benefits from Digital Women-Focused Capital Funds”, or all manner of topics through a feminist lens, this is definitely one to subscribe to and read.

LiisBeth is a womxn-owned/led media co. serving enterprising feminist solutionaries working to create a just world in which all can authentically flourish on a healthy planet. #feministsforchange


I couldn’t decide between two podcasts for this so I didn’t.

The Fairer Cents Podcast – This podcast is one I listen to and love because it goes beyond talking about money tips, and touches on system issues and economic equality. It says it best on it’s website

“The Fairer Cents goes deeper to look at what really makes money such a complicated subject, especially for women, including the systemic issues that affect some of us more than others. Join us if you’re down to dig into the stickier economic issues that disproportionately affect women, people of color, non-binary people and everyone who feels marginalized by our current money culture. This is about the fight to get economically equal, not about shaming you for buying that latte or spending money on self-care.”

I had the privilege of interviewing one of it’s hosts Kara Pérez for one of my FinanciElle “$tatement interviews.

Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn – This is a podcast that I’ve listened to a few episodes of so far and it’s on my list of continue to catch up on. Systemic issues and the intersection of Finance and Social Justice are covered with humour and wit by Comedian and New York Times best-selling author Gaby Dunn.


Normally, I would list one item here; however, I’m listing a group of items that I’m affectionately calling the IWW FinanciElle FilmFest. Whether you watch these by yourself, with your friends or with your family, I highly recommend you watch. This is by no means an exhaustive list of of documentaries or films that you could binge this week, or frankly any time of year, it’s just a little starter of things that I’ve watched or plan on watching, many of which are now available on Netflix.

IWW FinanciElle FilmFest:

IWW 2020 FinanciElle Filmfest List

In this particular selection I picked:

    • Dream, Girl (watch online for free)- I’ve seen this documentary a few times and every time I’m inspired. I had the privilege of interviewing Komal Minhas for one of my FinanciElle “$tatement” interviews.
    • She Did That (watch on Netflix) – I’ve just recently watched this on Netflix and highly recommend it, read this interview with filmaker Renae L. Bluitt on Forbes. She Did That is an extension of Renae’s blog “In Her Shoes”.
    • Feminists What Were They Thinking? (watch on Netflix) – this is another one I’ve recently watched and recommend as it looks back at the history of Feminism and continues the dialogue. Visit the film site to learn more about the women in the film.
    • Knock Down the House (watch on Netflix) I haven’t yet watched this one but it’s on my list. It follows the journey of four women, without political experience or corporate money challenging powerful incumbents in Congress.
    • Period. End of Sentence (watch on Netflix) – this is another one I haven’t watched yet but that’s on my list. It’s about the women of a rural village in Delhi, India fighting against the deeply rooted stigma of menstruation as they install a machine and sell their pads throughout their district. They name their brand, “FLY,” because they want women “to soar.”
    • Seeing Allred (watch on Neflix) – this is the last one on this list that I haven’t watched yet but that’s on my list about attorney Gloria Allred.


Like I said, this isn’t an exhaustive list by any means, it’s just documentaries I’ve been compelled to or want to watch right now. So whether it’s these or a list you build – make sure to watch something this International Women’s Week that informs and inspires you and those around you.



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