Cindy Gallop – Brand and Business Innovator

I’m extremely excited for this edition of FinanciElle “$tatements” with Cindy Gallop who’s on a mission to change the way business is done  – Shared Values + Shared Action = Shared Profit (financial profit and social profit). Her Ted Talk, “10 Habits to Change a Country” goes into more details and is a must watch.

Cindy is a brand and business innovator, available as consultant for clients who want to change the game in their sector, and who are looking for radical, breakthrough, innovative and transformative ways to do so. Her consulting approach can be summarized as ‘I like to blow shit up. I am the Michael Bay of business.’

Cindy is the Founder and CEO MakeLoveNotPorn, the world’s first user-generated crowdsourced social sex video-sharing platform – ‘Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.’ MakeLoveNotPorn celebrates #realworldsex as a counterpoint to porn, in order to socialize sex, making it easier for everyone in the world to talk about openly and honestly, in order to promote good sexual values and good sexual behavior. MakeLoveNotPorn is spearheading the Social Sex Revolution – the revolutionary part isn’t the sex: it’s the social.

She is also the Founder and CEO of IfWeRanTheWorld a co-action software that helps brands and businesses implement the business model of the future: Shared Values + Shared Action = Shared Profit (financial profit and social profit).

IfWeRanTheWorld works with brands and businesses to craft tailored, customized Action Programs designed to integrate social responsibility and business objectives, in order to do good and make money simultaneously, and resulting in Action Branding – the advertising of the future: communication through demonstration.

Paolina: What has been your hardest experience dealing with your business and money and what did you learn?  What advice do you wish you’d gotten about money before you started?


Honestly, as an entrepreneur building a business in what is the most challenging and least-funded sector of tech – sex-tech – I wish I’d been told to protect myself more. This happens with many entrepreneurs, especially those of us whom white male venture capitalists won’t touch – women, people of color, LGBTQ, the disabled (only 2.8% of all venture capital goes to female-founded businesses, and less than 1% of black female founders get any funding at all).

I’ve put everything I have into MakeLoveNotPorn to keep it going over the years, and that’s left me in a precarious financial position. I would have benefited personally from drawing more financial boundaries. It’s really difficult to do when you not only passionately believe in what you are building and see the huge opportunity it has, if funded to scale, to both be a billion dollar venture and transform the future of humanity – you also see every day, in the emails received from members, how much we are changing people’s sexual attitudes and behavior for the better at a micro level.

Paolina: Make Love Not Porn is about making it easier for everyone in the world to talk about sex openly and honestly, in order to promote good sexual values and good sexual behavior. How do you think the same approach could be applied to money?


In the same way it can be applied to death.

At a conference years ago, a woman came up to me and said, “You and I work in the same area.” She was a hospice worker. She said, “The two things people don’t talk about are sex and death.” I gave the opening keynote at the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association annual conference five years ago, on ‘The Future Of Death’, and I drew the analogy between how we’re socializing sex at MakeLoveNotPorn, and the need to socialize death. When we are able to talk about death straightforwardly, openly and honestly, it improves so many things, including our ability to comfort the grieving. I’d say money is the third part of the big ‘we don’t talk about it’ trifecta. We need to talk openly and honestly about money in order to educate, promote and encourage exactly the same thing as MakeLoveNotPorn – good financial values, and good financial behavior.

Paolina: IfWeRanTheWorld is marketing enterprise software that enables co-action programs by brands and their consumers to create impacts in the real world that benefit consumers, benefit society and benefit the brand and its business. Do you think financial institutions could use it to revolutionize their business model and how?


I believe the future of business is doing good and making money simultaneously, and so I designed my own business model of the future: Shared Values + Shared Action = Shared Profit (financial profit and social profit). When brands and businesses come together with their audiences (consumers, employees, analysts etc) on the basis of shared values, and when you are all then enabled, collectively and collaboratively, to co-act on those values – to walk the talk together – you can make things happen in the real world, that will benefit audiences, benefit society, and benefit the brand and its business. IfWeRanTheWorld enables any organization to implement that business model. I had to backburner IfWeRanTheWorld when MakeLoveNotPorn blew up, but once I can get MLNP fully funded and a full-time team in place to run it, I want to reactivate IWRTW, and I would like nothing better than to partner with financial institutions, because I believe they have a unique opportunity to open up the dialogue around shared financial values, and to engage in shared action that will benefit vast amounts of people while also resulting in far better business for them.

Paolina: What are your current FinanciElle Faves?

  • Favourite business/leadership book? The one I’m planning to write this year ☺ But as that doesn’t exist yet, Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic’s ‘Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders? which carries my blurb, ‘The single most important book on leadership of our time’.
  • Favourite business/productivity tool? It sounds really mundane, but OMG – the GeniusScan app. Being able to scan and send documents on my phone has been revolutionary.
  • Favourite piece of media – TED talk, podcast…? My favourite piece of media is anything created by women, backed by women, written by women, produced by women, crewed by women, staffed by women, directed by women through the female lens, starring women, showcasing women, celebrating women, featuring women, for women, men and non-binary people alike

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