FinanciElle Faves – February Edition

Whether it’s books, articles, newsletters, Instagram pages, videos..that are inspiring to me or other FinanciElle’s I’ve interviewed, I want this to be your source of for all things – money and business. Every month I’ll be pulling together a recommendation to read, listen, and watch.

This month’s:

ReadThe Big Whisper Newsletter. This newsletter has been one of my favourites. I learned about it when I was going through the iFund women site and saw Alison’s crowdfunding page – I immediately subscribed. This newsletter is how I got my introduction to Doughnut Economics and Proposals for the Feminine Economy. It’s fool of tools, resources, frameworks, inspiration and interviews. I highly recommend you subscribe and read all the past copies of the newsletter.

ListenStartup Canada’s Thrive Podcast

I love this podcast, I listen to it regularly and when I can’t I end up binge listening. Every interview is informative and inspiring, I’ve also had the pleasure of interviewing two of it’s hosts for FinanciElle – Janice McDonald and Komal Minhas.

WatchChedHER. ChedHer celebrates representation and inclusion in business with today’s leaders, and shines a light on the women who are making strides in their industries. I don’t get to watch this enough but every Friday an episode showcasing women and business and talking about money happens live from the NYSE. Every episode/clip I’ve watched has been extremely interesting. Some FinanciElle’s who’ve been on are – Lindsey Taylor Wood (watch!) and Stephanie Benedetto (watch!)

I hope these keep you busy this month!

Photo by Andrew Robinson on Unsplash

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