GEM Conference – Part 3

After getting sufficiently sugared up during the midday break, following the sessions from Part 1 and Part 2, it was time to head into the third and final part of the day.

The fifth panel of the day was Team Work Makes The Dream Work, the panelists were:

My key takeaways from this panel:

  • On how a business should choose another business to collaborate with (and I think it applies to choosing people to work with too, not just businesses)  – make sure your core values are aligned and look for where there are synergies to build each other up
  • A key theme that kept coming up in multiple sessions  – surround yourself with people who are smarter than you are  – play off each others strengths.
  • Don’t operate from a fear based place

The sixth panel of the day was on Rituals, the panelists were:

My key takeaways from this panel were:

  • Create space between your career (labelled by others) and who you are as a person
  • We’ve created a culture of overwork and burnout as a badge of honour – ask for the accommodations you need and that gives other people the permission to do the same
  • Those good at seeing others often are not good at seeing themselves
  • Ask yourself – how do you want to feel? Create daily rituals that set you up to feel how you want to feel

The last Panel of the day was the Change-makers Panel, the panelists were:

My key takeaway from this panel was:

  • Consider the impact of your words and the power of silence, how are people watching/observing/listening, when you don’t even know they are? Is what you are saying giving the other person value, or just yourself.

To say that the day was full would be an understatement but that’s the best word I can come up with as I write this – it was full of insight, wisdom, and inspiration and I hope that reading these three posts, you take away at least one piece of insight that you can use in your daily life.




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