Kara Pérez – Speaker and Founder of Bravely & Co-Host of The Fairer Cents

For this week’s edition of FinanciElle “$tatements”, I had the opportunity to interview Kara Pérez, Speaker and Founder of Bravely and Co-Host of The Fairer Cents Podcast.

Bravely connects women and money. It’s a community where you can go to learn about money from experts, share your story, and take control of your money through  pop up financial literacy events, coaching,  and online tools to take control of your money.

#bravelygo to the intersection of Finance and Feminism.

The Fairer Cents, is a podcast about bad a$$ women and their stories. It is a fantastic podcast that does an excellent job of taking a macro level look at the money issues affecting women and of looking at intersectional financial feminism.

In my opinion, it’s a must listen!

Paolina: With the Bravely skill-building workshops and large educational events – what is the most common finance issue you see women bring up and what do you want them to take away from the events, as it pertains to that issue?


By far the most common issue is simply a lack of knowledge and understanding of where to find that knowledge.

People aren’t clear on what they should know by what age, and they don’t know which sources they can trust to find information.

Paolina: So far on the Fairer Cents Podcast what has been your favourite topic and why?

My favorite topic has been male allies, which we did in season 3. It was great to talk to men about how they can advocate for women; because, the truth is we need men to be in the fight for equality with us. We need men to educate other men on equality, and to stand up for women TO other men. It was really inspiring to have those conversations with men doing that work today.

I have to say this is another reason, I really like the podcast, that you bring that male voice onto the show from time to time; because, equality isn’t a women’s issue it’s a human issue.

Paolina: What has been your hardest experience dealing with your business and finance and what did you learn?


Just learning about the legal and financial steps to owning and running a business have been hard. Each time the business goes in a new direction, I have to learn new things about how to legally set it up and protect it. It’s a big and semi-constant learning curve to do it correctly.

Paolina: What advice do you wish you had gotten about finance when you were first starting your business?


I did a lot of research so I felt prepared; but, I wish I was better at negotiating. Negotiating truly is an art, and it requires practice. I didn’t have any practice and I think I’ve left both money and opportunities on the table due to my lack of negotiation experience.

Paolina: What topics would you want to learn more about when it comes to finance and your business and why?


Hmm, I think just continuing to learn how to best serve my community is my focus.

As more people find Bravely and become part of my community, I have to adapt to their needs, so I’m not really in a place where I need to learn more about money for myself; but, I need to stay on top of which money topics my people want to know about.



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