Book Review: Shift Into Rich by Diana Lidstone

This month’s FinanciElle Bookshelf Review is Shift Into Rich by this week’s FinanciElle, Diana Lidstone. You can read her FinanciElle “Statements” interview here.

I picked up the book at an event where I heard Diana speak and proceeded to breeze through it in a day with pen in hand highlighting (as I do). This book might be small in size, but what is it they say about the best things coming in small packages…

Over the years, Diana has started and built five profitable businesses. Along her journey over the past 30 years she’s watched hundreds of women struggle to build profitable businesses, she believes each one of them deserves to Shift into Rich, to build a business that will support their life’s desire.

She’s made it her passion (and mission) to help one million women grow profitable businesses, and this book is one way of doing that.

Diana’s known as the Entrepreneur’s G.P.S so it’s fitting that each section of roadblocks cover’s a theme:

Your Road to Successville:

Roadblock #1: Short Sightedness – about taking the time to develop a Detailed Dream for how you want your business to look in the future

Roadblock #2: Wrong Activity, Wrong Time – about identifying the write activities for you whatever stage of business growth you’re in

Roadblock #3: Wandering aimlessly – about creating a profit plan

Your Car:

Roadblock #4: A Poor Foundation – about the foundational business must haves that are needed to set you up successfully

Roadblock #5: The Incorrect Fuel – about getting clear about what you are marketing and to whom

Roadblock #6: Ignoring the Gauges – about paying attention to your numbers

The Driver’s Seat:

Roadblock #7: The Wrong Driver – about navigating your inner critic and inner wise person

Roadblock #8: The Money Monster – about taming and re-framing limiting beliefs around money

Roadblock #8: Playing Small – about seeing your own brilliance

This book is filled with a ton of easy to follow exercises, tools, and skills to help you navigate against these roadblocks.

You can also find some videos on Diana’s YouTube page.

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